How Can I Downsize My Home Fast? A Radical (But Effective) Solution

Imagine a home filled with less stuff. Less rooms to clean, less clutter to put away, and less square footage to pay for. Wouldn’t that feel…calmer? Many families are choosing to downsize as a means to achieve this. Some, like you, want to do it quickly. You’re ready for a clean state, a new start, and you’re ready for it right now.
May we suggest a somewhat unconventional approach to finding a simpler and more manageable space to call home quickly?

Sell Your House for Cash to Downsize

Yes, selling your home is one of the major steps to downsizing. Every family who downsizes has to do it eventually. But have you considered selling your house to a fast cash home buyer to expedite the process?

Hear us out:

Fast cash home buyers are the individuals and businesses behind those yellow “We Buy Houses” signs you see all around Hampton Roads.

A legitimate investor has the resources and experience to pay you a fair amount of cash for your property in as little as two weeks. (By the way, you can learn more about how to spot a legitimate cash home buyer here).

When you take this route, you get to skip the hassle of a traditional sale which involves a lot of time and money. Think appraisals, renovations, open houses, inspections, and all the complicated steps that come along with that.

Instead, you work with an investor and their team to agree on a fair price for your house as-is.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:

  • You request an offer from a buyer
  • Buyer visits your home for a quick assessment
  • Within 24 hours, buyer sends you a no-obligation cash offer
  • If you accept, buyer handles all paperwork and arranges a closing date that works for you
  • You receive a check and move on with your life

Not considering any title or lien issues, this can be a relatively simple experience that provides a win-win solution for both parties.

As someone who wants to downsize relatively quickly, let’s examine some of the specific benefits to this option.

1. Sell Your House As-Is

The cost of repairs and renovations is a common roadblock for families who want to downsize. If your goal is to save money and simplify your life, then spending money to get there is not always feasible. This can be frustrating, as this leaves you feeling stuck. No one likes that.

When you work with a fast cash home buyer, the condition of your house really doesn’t matter. That’s because the investor will take on the cost of repairing or renovating the property. You might have extensive water damage with water spots on the ceiling. That’s okay. You might have started some renovations which are unfinished. That’s fine, too. When your buyer says “any house, any condition,” they truly mean it. And, because this is what they do, they’ve seen tons of homes that are in worse condition than yours- trust us.

The bottom line is that this is one less thing that you have to deal with as you prepare to downsize.

2. Leave Your Stuff (or Take It)

One of the more relieving things about working with a fast cash home buyer is that they’ll handle the cleanup from your move. You can leave behind as much or as little as you want, from large pieces of furniture to the expired milk in the fridge. No need to sell the couch, donate the lamps, or trash the old appliances. No need to sort every item in your house. Just take what you want, and your buyer will handle the rest.

This is where things can get radical, depending on how quickly you want to move and how much you want to leave behind. Could you imagine just packing a suitcase with some clothes and leaving the rest behind when you downsize? You could never do this in a traditional home sale.

Ultimately, what this provides is an opportunity for you and your family to truly make a clean break, if that’s what you’re looking for.

3. Get Quick Cash for a Fresh Start

This one is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning again. Fast cash home buyers have the means to pay cash for your home. That’s money moving straight from their bank account into yours- no financing involved. In a traditional home sale, you’ll have to wait, and wait, for a deal to go through, and that doesn’t always happen. Tradtional buyers often change their minds, or their financing falls through, and that leaves sellers stuck right where they started.

If you want to downsize right now, you don’t have to wait for a traditional deal to fall into place. You can sell quickly and (if there’s enough equity in your property) use the funds to start fresh. For most families, this entire process can happen in as little as 14 days.

How you’ll use the funds from your sale is entirely up to you. You may decide to buy a smaller house, try a tiny house, or invest in an RV. Maybe you don’t want to buy at all; maybe you want to travel for a bit and experience something new. The possibilities are endless, but you have to sell the house, first.

I’m Ready to Sell. How Do I Do It?

If you’re ready to sell a property in Hampton Roads, VA or surrounding cities, our team at Integrity Cash Home Buyers wants to make you an offer. We’re a family-owned, reputable company who measures our success by our clients’ experience.

Working with us is simple and straightforward: tell us about your property, we’ll make you an offer, and we’ll work hard to close quickly and put cash into your pocket if you accept.

We’re often available same-day to tour your property, and we guarantee a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept, we’re prepared to close in as little as 14 business days. If you need more time to prepare, we’ll set a date that works for you.

Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have about the process and point you in the right direction. Give us a call at 757-276-3322 or send us a message here.

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